The world’s best selling HVAC robot used for inspecting, cleaning, coating and sealing duct work.


Clean, sanitize, coat and seal any type or profile of ductwork in a single pass.



State of the art miniature robot that delivers a 120-degree field of view at ranges of up to 200 feet.


A true HEPA compliant all-in-one air-scrubber/negative air machine that allow precise airflow adjustment from 50 to 2500 cfm.


Designed to complement HVAC robotics by enabling existing duct cleaners to properly and effectively clean branch lines as small as 2.5 inches in diameter.

Duct Cleaning Turnkey Solution

The industry’s most profitable duct cleaning turnkey solution. Our flexible package includes what it takes to properly complete a job on time and under budget.



Dust Down Turnkey Solution

Effectively remove gritty and airborne construction, remodeling and restoration dusts from residential, commercial and industrial building projects. 

Seal and Encapsulate

Up-sell duct cleaning jobs by offering encapsulation and sealing of any air ventilation duct.

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