Magnum™ engineers integrated the best options currently available into the MK-10 package so that our retrofit kits are capable of satisfying NADCA endorsed blind duct cleaning standards. Magnum™ MK-1000 kits retrofit to all existing push rod systems and the OctoWhip™ provides a wide, random cleaning pattern that more effectively agitates dust and debris.  By increasing the access opening from 1 inch to 2.5 inches, Magnum™ enables proper cleaning below and around the access hole opening.


  • Cleaning of HVAC duct branch lines
  • Agitator for dustdown procedures


  • Cleans below and around access holes
  • Whips do not become hard due to air flow cooling
  • Truly a wide and random cleaning pattern
  • Whip tubes easily replaceable without tools
  • Whip tubes will not tangle