The MI-180 MicroInspector is a hybrid robot that visually inspects, cleans, disinfects, coats and seals any type of duct or duct profile.  The handheld unit can travel up to 200 feet through duct sizes ranging from 8” x 6” to 24” x 24”, while sending well-lit high quality video back to the system operator. 



MicroInspector® is a proven state-of-the-art robot whose cleaning action yields the lowest duct particle count in the industry.  With its innovative design, MicroInspector® is so versatile that it practically eliminates the need to cut new access holes.


With MicroInspector® you can achieve incredible productivity rates that have an outstanding impact on your bottom line.  Most companies see an immediate return on their investment after just one commercial duct cleaning job of 20,000 square feet or larger.


HVAC Duct Maintenance:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Leakage sealing
  • Fiber lockdown
  • Coating


  • One-hand operation
  • Miniature joystick
  • +2 hour internal battery
  • 200 ft. (60m) range
  • 3.5 in. (9cm) full color LCD
  • 120 degree field of view
  • AVI digital recording
  • 1 gigabyte SD card
  • USB to SD card
  • Video playback
  • Video edit software
  • Battery charger
  • Power 220/50 or 120/60 VAC
  • Pelican case
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